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The Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote quickly becomes an essential element of how you manage the comfort in your home. On a hot summer day, all you have to do to cool it down is pick up your remote and turn on your beautiful Hampton Bay fan. But it wasn't always that easy.
You might be surprised to discover that ceiling fans were invented in the 1860s! These were very complicated machines powered by steam and running water and the blades turned on a belt and pulley system. Networks running multiple fans were installed in hotels, department stores, factories and commercial buildings, and were all run from a central steam boiler. Amazingly, some of these steam-powered fan systems are still in operation in the southern US.
In the 1920's the electric ceiling fan gained in popularity for homes, but with the advent of air conditioning, fell out of use. The 1970's saw the first real concern with rising electric bills and ceiling fans became popular again because they keep a house cooler without straining the budget. Hampton Bay began making designer fans for home use and soon added controls for remote operation.

Styles Of The Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote
Ceiling Fan Remote Control - Model # 70830 - Works for 16 fans, with 16 available code frequencies, and has a range of 30 feet. Three fan speeds, and compatible with fans equipped with either incandescent bulbs or CFLs. Battery included.
Ceiling Fan Wall Control - Model # 9050H - A universal remote you install in the wall like a light switch. It works through direct wiring, or wireless, on a 9 volt battery. Compatible with on/off CFL bulbs, or dimmable incandescent bulbs, with a 20 foot range. 16 different programmable frequencies. Separate controls for fan and lights. Battery included.
Thermostatic Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control - Model # 838-956 - Full range dimmer for both fan and lights. Independent timers for both for 1/2 to 24 hours. Range of 30 feet. Has a 3 minute light-off switch delay to give you time to exit the room. It requires no special wiring in your home. For use with downrod fans.
FAN9T Thermostatic Remote Control - Has an LCD digital readout that tells you the set temperature, the room temperature, and fan speed. Buttons let you set a timer, the room exit delay, and set the fan on auto to be run by the control's thermostat. Dip switches in the battery case can be set to synchronize with the fan receiver unit.
Remote Control with Reverse -  Model # UC7078T - Comes with a holder to mount on the wall. Has a blade reverse button for winter use. Dims fan speed and lights. Has Low, Medium, and Fast fan speeds. Dip switches in the battery case can be set to synchronize with the fan receiver unit.
Whether you order online or pick one up in the Hampton Bay store in your Home Depot, you can easily replace any model of  the Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote.http://amzn.to/1fv5Nms