Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manual Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manual Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manual

How to Get a
Ceiling Fan Manual

With your purchase, you received a Hampton Bay ceiling fan manual. It's important to put it in a safe place, along with  your receipt. You can create a folder in your file system for your appliance manuals and staple your receipt to the cover of the manual. Then you will always have both handy for when you need them.
What's In Your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manual
Your fan's name and model number.
This will be important when you need to get replacement parts, or want to change the style of your light kit or blades. Not all light kits are interchangeable. In each light kit's description is a list of which fan models they fit, so to save yourself time and frustration, it's important to know your fan's model number.

Warnings for Fan Installation and Operation
This section advises you of safety requirements. Most people unwisely skip over this, assuming they know this information already. Take a few minutes to read through this.
1) It may seem obvious but the first warning is to turn off your electricity at the box before you begin installation. Home electrocutions are never intentional and often occur because of this oversight.
2) Requirements for head space above the fan motor and the distance between the blades and the floor. This is essential to protect the fan, ceiling and most important, people's heads.
3) The required type of wall switch, how to safely clean the fan, and a list of additional how to stay safe, and extend the life of your fan.
Parts Of Your Fan and Light Kit
Next you will see some very clear and simple diagrams of all of your fan's parts, light kit's parts, and hardware. This will especially be needed when you assemble and install your fan, if you plan to do it yourself. You will also need this if you plan to later to change your light kit and/or blades. Names are easy to understand, like canopy, blades, glass shade, and downrod assembly. Take some time here to familiarize yourself with the parts, to ensure serious errors later. Again, don't skip this.
How To Install Your Fan - Instructions
Your manual will give you very detailed directions for how to do the installation, even including how to mount brackets in the structures above your ceiling for securing your fan. This is extremely important because the weight of the fan must be supported without potential for falling, a mess at the least, and dangerous at worst.
You will be told exactly how to connect the wiring, install the light kit, and how to balance the blades for smooth, quiet operation.
How to Replace A Lost Manual
If you have lost your manual, you can find it online as a PDF file (read by Adobe Reader). Just put your fan's model number and name into your browser search bar and you will be able to retrieve it. Print it off for future use.
Now you understand the value of reading and keeping your Hampton Bay ceiling fan manual.